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PuttBlue is the most interactive putting aid on the market and leads to massive improvement in minimal time. 

PuttBlue is the most interactive putting aid on the market and leads to massive improvement in minimal time. 

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About PuttBlue

The Ultimate Putting Aid


Customers report a 5 stoke reduction in putting average.  

Custom Built to Your Putter!


PuttBlue is custom built to your individual putter.  It comes with two inserts Amateur & Professional.  Putting perfection is assured with PuttBlue.

Direct Player Interaction


PuttBlue interacts directly with the player on multiple levels.  This is the only way you will improve and maintain the improvement.  We call it "True Feel Awareness"

About Us


Our Mission

We make the game much less complicated by fast tracking  your improvement through our customized and interactive inventions.  We are lifelong enthusiasts dedicated to the study, understanding, simplification and advancement of the game.  Understanding that most have little time to improve, we assure you rapid, noticeable improvement the minute you begin using our products.


Meet Mark

A competitive player with numerous wins on the Chrysler National Long Drive Tour and avid mini tour player.  Endorsed previously by PING Golf, Oakley, Bridgestone, Mizuno, Boss and G. Loomis.  While preparing for PGA Tour school an injury took Mark from the competitive circuit permanently. 

While working for PING, I fit thousands of players-beginner to tour professional with custom golf clubs.  My first patent, a product  measuring the degree that most individuals "swing over the top of the ball" creating that wicked and chronic SLICE gave me complete clarity as to why most struggle to improve their game!  I've spent more than 20-years working to simplify the game through custom designed, built and tested cost effective products.

I work with golfers of all skill level, many who are now enjoying significant financial support in college.  This includes DI, DII, DIII & JUCO.

Our products are tested & used every day by instructors, students, college players, tour players, coaches & recreational players.   


Meet Kellen (KG)

An NCAA Athlete that helped his team finish 5th in the Nation in 2018!  Kellen has developed a fluid, effortless, sought-after swing that is frequently discussed by those that watch him play.  Known as "KG" on the competitive circuit, his exacting movements are built into all our products.  

"As Designer of the PuttBlue, building and testing more than 50 prototypes allowed me to refine my putting stroke." PuttBlue has simplified and improved my putting stats. Best of all the results started the first time I used PuttBlue .   

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