Creating Your Perfect Putting Stroke

We were driven to create PuttBlue due to the fact that we found no training aid on the market that could directly teach you why and where you were making a mistake, while at the same time showing you how to correct the cause of your mistake. We were tired of hearing commercials about tendencies...what causes this or that...hunches and theories.   Mirrors, string, tees, sticks, rulers, cups, ball returns, gates, lasers and more are cool but they leave way too much room for interpretation.  Interpretation is what keeps you guessing and practicing the wrong stuff!

After more than 3-years and nearly 50 prototypes we created PuttBlue, a true game changer that trains your stroke through true feel awareness. Putt Blue assures a complete understanding of the putting stroke, every flaw, the cause of your flaw and required corrective action to fix yourself. Here's what PuttBlue will do for you:

+It all starts with your setup. PuttBlue puts you in perfect alignment with your eye line directly over the ball creating proper player posture.

+The putting channel identifies an inside or outside  putter head path by interacting (touching) your putter head, ending the ball in the opposite direction.  No more pushes or pulls!

+The Ball Kicks then teach you to master your start line, making sure that your putter face stays square as you release the golf ball with precision to the center of the hole.  Starting the ball online is a major key to making more putts, especially on putts with break.  If your path is off or the club face isn't square our Ball Kicks will deflect the golf ball in the opposite direction affirming your fault.  This irritating little enhancement will make you putt like a pro real fast.

+The strategic calibrated markings on the putting channel teach you speed control while managing the length of your stroke for various green speeds. Think of it this way, a proper back stroke leaves less room for error, creating good flow and tempo.

Every PuttBlue is custom built to fit your individual putter specifications right here in Texas.  PuttBlue is custom built just like properly fit golf equipment.  We have engineered green speed, toe hang, face balance and a bunch of other technical stuff into your personal PuttBlue.  Forget the engineering and learn fast through our interactive game changer...PuttBlue.

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Our customers report an average 5 stroke reduction per round! How does it work?

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