Perfect putting channel training distance, path, speed, eye sight & alignment

Science Behind PuttBlue

Perfect Putting Stroke

PuttBlue is  customized to your individual putter with two inserts...amateur and professional.  The first trains you to the product, the second makes you supremely accurate and it works instantly!  

 Next the break line identification, speed control markers, putt stop and adjustable Ball Kicks make you unstoppable on the greens.

From the top down (your head) PuttBlue brings your eyes into proper alignment through the center of the ball.  This alone corrects inefficiencies in your posture and alignment.  All you have to do is video the old you and the new you the first time you use PuttBlue and you will see a noticeable change.

As you begin your stroke, the putting channel side rails interact with your putter (touch) when swinging your putter on an incorrect putting path.  This interaction tells your noodle to correct and redirect the motion keeping the club face square to avoid those pushed and pulled putts.  If you touch the top rail...ball goes left...touch the bottom rail and the ball goes right.

No matter what type of putter you have or what type of stroke you use, the best putters at all levels maintain a square face to avoid increasing the margin for error creating those irritating missed putts.  We know, we are intense competitors that don't like missing putts.

As the putting channel trains your putting path it also teaches speed and distance control. There are calibration marks that teach you speed control at all the key distances.  The putt stop will terminate your stroke if it is of improper length for the selected distance.

As you master your putting stroke you add the alignment guide.  You now have the putt reading (break) tool installed to show you the exact line of break on any putt.  Its magical as most all players under read break.  PuttBlue identifies and corrects this score destroying habit reducing your stroke average per round.

Ever watch the PGA or LPGA players on practice greens with numerous tees in the ground. This is helpful but only one small part of the puzzle.  Install the customized and adjustable Ball Kicks to PuttBlue and you have the ultimate putt training tool available today.  The Ball Kicks are fully adjustable and customized to your personal putter, demanding a stoke free of error to make the putt.  A ball that comes in contact with the Ball Kick is either stopped, or re-directed out of the channel to identify a putt that is pushed or pulled.  It is this small margin of error that identifies those misses on the 3 to 10 footers.  Master this and you will always be a top ranked putter no matter your handicap.

PuttBlue interacts with you and your equipment from start to finish as you roll putts.  This is the ONLY way you will change, improve and retain the improvement. Technical stuff is great, but it doesn't teach you feel. This is critical...we call it True Feel Awareness.

You will find no other product like this in the market.  Use our product and become yet another of our success stories.  ROLL ON!!!

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Our customers report an average 5 stroke reduction per round! How does it work?

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