Success Story - Putt Training Aid

Ken Brazle - President DOS RIOS GOLF CLUB

 "All of a sudden I would have one great putting round  and the next 7 times I played – 3 – 8 three puts AND a lot of 2 putts that should have been 1 putts.  Frankly, I lost my confidence.  I was literally missing 1 foot putts.  I have about 20 putters and went through ½ dozen of them looking for the answer.  I asked Tom  to check out his putt training aid (PuttBlue) as his putting has been stellar and I see him from time to time practicing with it. So last Friday, he brought it  to me.   I worked with it for about an hour.    I shot a 74.  Of more importance (to me at least) was the fact that I  had 6 birdies and made pretty much everything I looked at from 10 feet and in and a couple of longer ones.  I know it was confidence because when I first started with PuttBlue – I kept hitting the side and was ready to give it up – but stuck with it and at  one point I made about 8 or 9 in a row from 15 feet.  So Tom let me keep it over night – I practiced with it the next morning for about 30 minutes and went out and played in our MGA event at RCC the next day – out of about 45 guys (including Tom who shot a  76) I won the tournament with a 75 .  Only a couple of birdies BUT of most importance to me was that NO 3 putts and made every putt I had to make to make a bogey or par.  I guess what I am saying is you made me a believer in your product – Putt Blue.

Thumper supervises the validation of all testimonials.  If it ain't validated it gets chewed up!

Thumper supervises the validation of all testimonials. If it ain't validated it gets chewed up!

Real People Real Results

Roy Mac - Arkansas College Golf Coach Retired


Used ProStryke for the first time yesterday.  I have struggled with my swing for years.  I couldn't understand why I couldn't get the club to behave like my practice swing.  I hit two big buckets with wedges, 7-iron & driver.  I then stepped away from the ProStryke and was repeating the swing and feel after just two buckets.  I am AMAZED at how much better I started hitting the ball with consistency.  I could not be more optimistic than I am right now.  P.S. Rolling the ball very well too!! Best putting trainer I've ever worked with!!!

Faith Kilgore - College Recruit Colorado


The first thing the PuttBlue did is bring my entire set-up into a proper position. My dad took pictures and it was crazy good looking like the professionals I watch on tv.  It aligned my eyes directly over the ball, showed me that my putter face was open and that I wasn't really aiming at the hole.  It also teaches me speed control and I'm putting better than ever.  I warm up with it before every round.

"I have taken 12-strokes off my competitive stroke average and PuttBlue has virtually led me to the perfect putting stroke. I recently won the Texas Regional Championship by 20-strokes and the Texas District Championship by 30-strokes!" putt training aid

Kellen Gray - +2 hdcp


I have always had a tendency to take the putter outside which would result in me pulling the putt and missing left, especially in high pressure situations. The PuttBlue has trained me out of this and eliminated my miss. I use the PuttBlue every practice session, and it has greatly improved my ability to consistently putt well in tournament play.

Tom Kingsley - 5 hdcp


I'm not a golf aid guy.  Tried PuttBlue at a demo day and a light went off immediately.  The putt training aid let me know when and where my stroke was off, and it was off!  At the same time it helped me make the correction as it squared the putter to the target.  Amazing what this putt training aid has done for those 3 to 15 foot putts.  It's in my bag.

Pat Leonard - 8 hdcp


WOW what the heck.  Did a demo and Im a very good putter.  Putt with the old Nicklaus blade.  Demo guy kept my stats, made 4 of 7 from 10 feet.  Then jumped on PuttBlue putt training aid and made all 10 from same distance.  I own it!

Real People Real Results

Tanner Cervenka


I'm working on my golf certification and PuttBlue has helped me for the last year to understand my putting and improve.  This thing is really easy to use.

Byron Eckols


After only a few short practice sessions with the Putt Blue golf traning aid my son who is 10 improved his alignment, his path, and speed. This easy to use aid helped him visually see how to line up to the ball, and gave him an easy  reference on the correct path and proper length of stroke. His first round after using the Putt Blue resulted in a 500% improvement, taking his miss circle from 10' average to 5' average, resulting in eliminating almost all 3 putts.  

JD Cervantes - Kansas


Everything should work like this.  The only product I have that I use daily.  Cool that it fits inside little bag and goes into golf bag.

I just signed to play college golf and am jacked to keep playing.

Brian McCarthy - Minneapolis


I tried this thing at Mystic Lake Meadows and was amazed.  I thought I was a really good putter until I hit 5 putts without the device missing only 2 and then jumped on PuttBlue making all 5 from about 8 feet.  Incredible at how much stuff this corrected on the spot.