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Impact Zone Mastery Made Simple!

What is the absolute number one factor required to maximize distance and gain lasting accuracy?  Is it Golf clubs, shafts, shoes, gloves and golf balls?  IT'S NONE OF THE MUST place the golf club on the golf ball squarely at impact, repeatably to maximize distance and accuracy!  ProStryke interacts with you, moving you into the Impact Zone correctly, creating optimal impact with the golf ball every time.  It is  PROPER IMPACT, or the Impact Position that increases distance and accuracy.  Once this is achieved; updated, correctly fit equipment will definitely enhance your game.

ProStryke Patriot

Product Details

It's now really simple.  Place the golf club on the golf ball squarely and repeatedly and accuracy, consistency and distance increase fast.  This high quality, USA-made product is constructed of impact-proof and weather-resistant materials. This means it is durable and can withstand repeated use and the elements. The trainer weighs less than 7 pounds, making it simple to transport. Setting up our product is also easy because it can be assembled and taken apart in 2 minutes.

This exclusive, one of a kind customized multi-setting trainer will guide you to achieve optimal results fast.  Begin with Player Positions 1 through 3 and watch your game improve today.

Say goodbye to the hook, slice, push, pull, fade, draw, heel, toe, thin & fat shots that rage havoc on your game!

The ProStyke is simple to use for any's fully customized with multi-position training settings. The result, an immediate distance gain and straighter golf ball flight. The ProStryke has many other great custom features, including:

• Customized Telescoping Function for Personalized Adjustability to individual's height
•Rotational Resistance for Instant Feedback Through "True-Feel Awareness"
• Dual 360-Degree Rotation Notification System (Immediate Visual Identification of Swing Error)

• Customized Retracting Adjustment for Use with Every Club in Your Bag
• Base Unit Built for All Terrain Types with 4 Independently Adjustable Feet
• 9-custom training positions for maximum game advancement
• Custom Tote - ProStryke will collapse and travel in 2-minutes

Why Use It?

Simply will hit the ball further and straighter!  ProStryke teaches you how to hit the golf ball accurately.  Our trainer interacts with you through "True Feel Awareness", so you're able to hit the golf ball dead -solid with brilliant accuracy & control.  Make the game fun again!

Our product can be used anywhere. It will help improve your:

• Plane
• Path
• Head Motion
• Impact Position
• Takeaway Position
• Alignment
• Release Position
• Ball Position

ProStryke Patriot Top View

Available Models

ProStryke Patriot

ProStryke Patriot with Custom Tote Bag

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ProStryke Red and Blue

ProStryke Blue & White with Custom Tote Bag

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