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Perfect Your Putting Skills Today

Our #1 Selling Product - Getting your putting stroke just right is easy with the interactive and directed guidance of Putt Blue. Based in Central Texas, we've created a simple, results-based putting aid that any golfer can use. Our product will help you identify and correct your stroke inefficiencies fast! It uses our protected player notification and interaction system through Perfect Putting Channel rails, putter stops, release chamber gauge, eye, ball & foot alignment guide, and green speed calibration rings  to improve your stroke and score. You WILL reduce your putts per round overnight.

Putt Blue

Made for Golfers by Golfers

The Putt Blue was made to help players master the perfect putting stroke immediately. Made from custom-engineered impact-proof and weather-resistant materials, it's very durable. When you order our product, it will arrive in a compact custom storage bag. Once you take it out of the tote, it takes 30 seconds to set up and disassemble.

The trainer is fully customized to the dimensions of your putter for supreme accuracy. You can use it to practice your stroke anywhere, including at home, in the garage or office. It is also portable. The Putt Blue is engineered and compact enough to fit in any golf bag's side chamber. Use our trainer to gain quick mastery of speed calibration, distance control, break of green, perfect alignment, unbalanced hand pressure and propper putter-head release. You'll master a professional putting stroke in minutes.

Outstanding Benefits

Putt Blue is custom built to your individual putter dimensions,  adapts to undulated putting greens and begins to work with the first golf ball rolled. You will receive incredibly accurate readings. PuttBlue interacts directly with you to let you know where corrections are required. Major benefits:

Putt Blue

• Perfect Putting Channel
• Putter Stop--Prevents "Lifting" and Improper Stroke length.
• Distance Calibration Rings--Trains: Short <10', Medium 10' - 18', and Long Range Putts 18'+ with Exacting Precision
• Perfects Green Speed & Stroke Length 
• True Take Away and Stroke
• Perfect Eye Alignment.
• Break Read - fluorescent line ID's break of green, player eye line
• Chipping Channel--Perfect tool for wedge game around green.

Putt Blue

Putt Blue Corrections

Our training aid will detect and direct you to correct all primary putting issues. The Putt Blue will teach you to apply the right amount of hand pressure on your club. It will perfect your putting path.  It will help you improve your ability to read-the-green (break) detection and aim. Our putting aid also corrects improper:

• Putter Head Path--Cross-Motion Detection
• Putter Head Rotation--Rolling of the Putter Head (Heel and Toe Motion)
• Putting Stroke Length--Putter Stop with Calibration Rings
• Set-Up--Body Alignment to Putter
• Speed of Putt--Distance Rings Calibrated to Green Speed
• Eye Alignment--Proper Head Position in Relation to Golf Ball, Putting Path, and Golf Hole

Putt Blue Parted

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