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Why The Professionals Hit the Target

Why do the very best players "twirl" their club at the moment they hit the golf ball?   The answer: they know the moment they hit the golf ball if they have hit their intended target--no matter the distance, 50 yards or 300+ yards. Their accuracy is impressive for one simple reason. You can now master this same concept by using the Golfers Window. Simply stated, the Golfers Window is an exacting, fully adjustable target sight tool that adjusts for deadly accuracy with every golf club in your bag.  When you release the golf ball through the window, passing underneath the calibrated red-yellow striping, you hit the target. It's that simple.

Our testing has confirmed and proven that a great majority of all players have no idea how to properly release the golf ball at the intended target. We have looked at the devices and methods promoted today and assure you we have found the answer.

Golfer's Window

How It Works

Golf is a game of parallel lines. Unfortunately, most players swing the club across the line, in one of two directions (most often over the top), violating this very rule. If you can't hit the target consistently, you may be crossing the line, even when you don't mean to. The Golfers Window is the fix.

Once you set it up and start training with it, you'll quickly improve your swing. This mind-blowing exercise will show you the point of error when you hit the ball. Your eyes will capture the ball as it travels through the window, confirming a straight, on-target shot as the ball passes directly beneath the calibrated red-yellow target striping.

As you begin releasing the ball through the window, underneath the calibrated target striping, you will see the ball hit your mark with amazing precision. You'll quickly see the relationship of hook, slice, push, and pull shots as they travel left or right of the striping on the window. In the end, you'll be training your mind and body the correct way to hit your target just like a professional.

Product Testing

To make sure our product can be used by any player, we have tested it. Our testing has confirmed that all golfers understand the concept of hitting a target that is approximately 5 feet in front of them. However, we also found out that most players can't  hit that mark accurately without using our product.

Start releasing your golf club and ball properly at the intended target  by using the Golfers Window. Players of all levels can use it, including amateurs and tour-level players. By practicing with our training aid, you'll be able to hit your target just like the pros. When you witness the elite golfers make a shot and immediately twirl the club, quickly pick up a tee, or walk away from the shot, you know (as do they) that they have hit the ball on target. It doesn't matter if it's a 60-yard shot or a 300-yard drive; they know the ball will hit the mark.

How do they know this? They know this because of their proper target identification, alignment, aiming point and target sighting. Our product will help you master these techniques. It will teach you to release your golf club and hit your ball in direct relation to a parallel line so you'll know where the ball will land long before it arrives at the target.

Key Features

There are many other reasons to purchase the Golfers Window. It is constructed of 100%, impact-proof, and weather-resistant materials. It  has specifically calibrated, targeted striping which shows you the relationship between hitting a target and the rule of parallel lines.

Moreover, it will train you on the proper association between alignment, aim, club-head position, golf ball release, and the hitting of a target at any distance. We guaranteed you will be able to increase your accuracy immediately.

Combining the Golfers Window and ProStryke

Improve your swing & results rapidly by using the Golfers Window and ProStryke together. When you practice with both products, you'll be able to place yourself in a 2-dimensional environment to achieve ultimate game improvement.

After setting up the ProStryke & Golfers Window, you will begin to release the club correctly and watch the golf ball go through the calibrated target striping of the Golfers Window and hit your target.

What Our Customer Have to Say

90% of the players who have tried the Golfers Window have provided us awesome feedback on our product. As our testers impact the ball correctly, we most often hear "That had to go way right," or "That feels wrong!" They then laugh as they look up and see the ball going dead straight at the target.  These comments affirm the incorrect mind mapping that occurs for players at all levels.  The Golfers Window will override the ingrained issues in your game.

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