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About Us

At ProStryke, we  provide golfers access to the most advanced and affordable golf improvement aids available. Our equipment is designed, developed, built, tested and confirmed by players at every skill level. Our golf products interact directly with you. This is the only and ABSOLUTE BEST WAY to gain mastery of the game.  We call it "True Feel Awareness."  You receive immediate corrective notification as you practice with our training tools, promoting accelerated advancement of your game. You will see improvement the moment you begin using our products!

Meet Mark & Kellen

We are long time golf enthusiasts with detailed playing backgrounds. Mark's playing career included numerous wins on the National Long Drive Tour and an avid mini-tour player. Mark was endorsed by several brands like PING golf equipment, Oakley, Boss, Mizuno, G. Loomis, and others. While preparing to make a run at PGA Tour Qualifying School, an injury took Mark out of the game permanently. Mark learned all functions of both the equipment manufacturing and club fitting business while employed by Ping.

Mark has fitted thousands of players--beginner to tour professional--with custom golf clubs, built their clubs, and adjusted their equipment as their needs changed. He generated his first patent in the 1990's, a product that measured the degree that each individual golfer "swings over the top of the golf ball" creating that wicked and undersirable "SLICE".  He has spent more than 20 years working to simplify the game by designing, testing and bringing to market effective, interactive, cost-efficient products that are 100% USA made and assembled!

Putt Blue

Putt Blue

Kellen is an NCAA athlete. Those who know Kellen have witnessed his continual pursuit of game improvement. Kellen has developed a fluid, effortless, sought-after swing that is frequently discussed by those that watch him play.  Known as "KG" on the competitive circuit, his exacting movements are reflected in all of our products. As a student of both the game and college, he continues to demonstrate his passion for golf by helping people in the game. The Putt Blue is most near and dear to Kellen as he led the development and testing of dozens of prototypes. Says Kellen, "ProStryke and Golfers Window have given me extreme consistency and a solid understanding of how the golf ball travels & PuttBlue has made my putting stats that of a tour professional!"  "Best of all, it's simple and the improvement is immediate."

Golf is our passion and helping people grow in the game through cost effective, fully interactive tools that offer immediate improvement is our mission. Our passion for golf is fulfilled by watching  players at every level improve quickly while using our products.  

It All Started Right Here with "OTTI", the OVER THE TOP INDICATOR!
What We Know is Deep, Owned, Controlled and Proven!

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